Auto Finance

pic3Our non traditional approach to credit underwriting and vehicle financing is based upon respect, dignity understanding and professionalism. We are firm believers everybody should be able to have access to reliable transportation and our financing program is structured to ensure virtually all applications are accepted.

Your historical credit performance is not important to Nelson Financial, rather, we focus on how you will fulfill your current and future obligations. When traditional lenders decline your application, talk to us.

We will put you “back on the road” to credit stability. If you are new to the country, a past bankrupt, had previous credit hiccups or no credit history, we can and will help!

If you have verifiable income, a permanent address, an active chequing account and can obtain auto insurance, apply today at any of our approved, accredited and well known automobile dealership partners and choose from their vast selection of quality late model vehicles. Nelson will promptly and professionally process your application, offering approval terms and conditions within hours that you can live with.

Make your deal today and drive away tomorrow. It’s a simple no hassle approach to car financing.

Nelson Financial clients also enjoy the benefits of additional lines of credit availability for auto repairs, access to consumer loans and a secured credit card. Call 1-866-340-5559.

We also report payment histories to the credit bureau, affording you the opportunity to re-build a positive credit report.