Welcome to Nelson financial Group, ltd

Nlogoelson Financial Group Ltd., based in Pickering, Ontario, is a privately owned non traditional finance company offering automobile leasing, mortgage finance credit services and premium yield secured investment opportunities.

We are the fastest growing finance company in Canada focusing on the sub prime marketplace that is often ignored and under serviced by the traditional bank and finance industries. We are as secured and regulated as the Canadian Forex brokers.

For our leasing clientele, our credit lending philosophy is simple. Everyone deserves respect, a chance to redeem past mistakes and an opportunity to prove themselves again. If you cannot access car financing via traditional sources for whatever reason, talk to us. We will guide you through the process, explain our program and approve your credit application. Nelson approves 95% of all applications submitted!

pic1For our automobile dealer/partners, we provide you with broader/wider credit availability for your customers resulting in greater customer satisfaction, increased sales volumes and quicker inventory turnover. Different asset management solutions are available depending on your needs.

For your 1st and 2nd mortgage financing requirements, Nelson offers a variety of options tailored to your specific needs.

For the investor, we offer an exciting and attractive opportunity to participate in a premium fixed income asset backed investment , secured and safe, supported and monitored by some of the best binary options brokers, with customized monthly repayment options designed for your specific needs.


Nelson Financial Group Ltd. invites you to truly partner with your finance institution and take full advantage of the many services we provide, see here how it works.

Consumer Financing

We can and will show you how to capture and close many more sub prime deals, increase your sales, increase your profits and assist your clients with repairing their damaged credit files. Become a dealer partner today!

Inventory Finance

Let Nelson provide your dealership wholesale floor plan financing. Keep your inventory current, manage your cash flows efficiently and offer your customers a broad selection of quality used cars. Don’t let potential customers walk off your lot due to lack of product!

Financial Accounting Services

If your forte is buying and selling cars and you require assistance with bookkeeping and administrative paperwork, let us help.

Special Finance

Nelson can now place all types of credit applications (A-D). If you require access to a variety of lenders that can and will finance all of your customers, we can assist. Think of us as your off-site business F&I office, submit your deals and let us do the work.